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The Daughter Status Foundation (The DS Foundation) is built on Christian principles, leaning specifically on the scriptural reference, Mark 5: 25-34, where Jesus heals the woman with the issue of blood by calling her “daughter” and forgiving her sins.  Because she achieved her healing, this woman was able to thrive in her new reality, resting in her identity as a daughter of Christ. The DS Foundation is equipped to carry out these restorative and supportive activities based on our professional relationships with seminaries, mental health and personal development professionals.  Since 2015, the DS Foundation has been in existence, servicing underserved populations with mental health and support services through their signature program – The Status Project. 

Since its inception, thousands have been touched by The DS Foundation. The DS Foundation has not only serviced underserved populations with mental health services, but it has also provided support services such as clothing donations, furnace and vehicle repairs to the underserved populations in the city of Detroit.  The DS Foundation has also offered seminars and sponsored conferences on topics such as grief, personal development and transformation.  The services offered by the DS Foundation are often low/no cost to the participants.  Additionally, each year The Status Project offers one on one mental health counseling from student counselors, limited licensed professional counselors and licensed professional counselors, all at low/no cost to the recipient.

The 4 Tier Approach

Inward Journey

The focus of the inward journey is to begin to peel back the layers of emotional abuse, and to walk in the healing that God will provide through the therapeutic Process.

Upward Journey

Focus – Exercises and sessions will focus on the spiritual needs of the individual. Initiating the relationship with God to facilitate healing.

Outward Journey

The focus of the outward journey is to walk with the individual as a mentor. Walking in a formal mentoring relationship with an individual


Continuous Counseling, Evaluation, and Self Care.

Our Target Audience are Those Striving to Reach Their...

Status of Daughter

Women who want to own their status as a daughter.


Women making a conscious decision to be made whole.

The Status Project

Serving individuals that are experiencing financial hardship.


Dr. Joy P. Creel, Executive Director

Dr. Joy P. Creel is a therapist, coach and strategist.  She helps individuals succeed in their personal and professional development by empowering them to take the necessary measures to care for themselves. Joy believes that you cannot help others, without properly caring for yourself.

Joy is a trained coach, therapist, strategist, and spiritual director.  She holds a BA in Communication, a MA in Administrative Science, a MA in Counseling and a Doctorate in Formational Counseling.

She has served her community as the former Coordinator of Recruitment and Enrollment at Ashland Theological Seminary – Detroit. Joy is partially responsible for curating thousands of dollars in student capital for the graduate division of Ashland University.  She is an entrepreneur, a licensed professional counselor and adjunct professor.

As a youth Joy birthed a Creative Services Firm called Joy Creations, where she now provides digital services, graphic design, photography and videography services. During her tenure at Ashland, she birthed her private practice counseling and consulting firm, DS Consulting and Services.

Currently, Dr. Joy resides in Detroit and is the Executive Director of The Daughter Status Foundation, a 501c3 charitable program that provides mental health and support services to those who are experiencing financial hardship.

Danielle Lang, Counseling Intern

If we can be of service to you, please contact us either by phone or email

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We are a 501(c)(3) organization.